Today I saw...

Today I saw...

I saw a car carrying a casket,
All in black,
Old and young looked as it passed,
Like a bad omen,
A sign of truth,

What awaits all men,
God said;
All men shall taste death,
Yet man lives like he is forever,
Yet man collects wealth,

Like it will stay his,
Man lies to himself,
Devil whispers little lovely,
And sweet fairy tales,
Till his last breath man takes in that poison,

The man in the casket,
Woke up to another world,
A reality he wasted his whole life to cover up,

But hide we cannot,
Every second could be our last,
Time comes when man has to choose,
God or the wicked devil,
We live and die by our choices,

The black car left,
Man continued,
Forgetting the sight,
That almost toke away his breathe,
The concern that was there.....left with the black car..//Melek 2013-11-13