Harry Winston OPUS 12 watch OPUMHM46WW001

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Harry Winston OPUS 12 watch OPUMHM46WW001

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Gold Urwerk UR-100

Urwerk's unique astronomical watch can obtain gold in the distant galaxy.Harry Winston replica watches

URWERK launched its UR-100 series that debuted in an unexpected new direction last fall. There are several key reasons why these watches are surprising. The main reason is their highly wear-resistant size and price point, which represents a new entry point into Urwerk's larger product catalog. These watches are as avant-garde as all previous versions of Urwerk, except that the numbers are more accessible and the ratio is more compact. Today, Urwerk announced the latest expansion of the UR-100 series, with a limited edition of 25 new UR-100 watches, first released in gold. This time, Urwerk used an unconventional raw material. The brand said that the watch's matte gold case has a color tone similar to the gold-plated appearance of C-3PO in Star Wars franchise.

Gold UR-100 is the fourth of six upcoming UR-100 designs, and we recently received the last example of the third edition of UR-100 GunMetal.Audemars Piguet replica Watches

Gold Urwerk UR-100
The UR-100 is a watch with unprecedented astronomical complexity, so it makes sense to link it to a media franchise store based entirely on interstellar effects. Of course, the cultural background of the watch is just the whims of its overall design-no other brand on the watch can distinguish it from any previous version of Urwerk. However, watches like UR-100 and all innovative products of Urwerk are not just the sum of their parts, they can immediately capture people's imagination. Imagine a watch with two celestial complexities that would come in handy on the wrist of a science fiction character. It seems not easy.

At a glance at all Urwerk timepieces, it is clear that science fiction has become the starting point of many of the brand's works, but the uniqueness of UR-100 is that its inspiration is not only from modern culture, but also from centuries of watch invention.replica BRM Watches

In fact, the UR-100 is based on the Gustave Sandoz clock built for the 1893 Chicago World's Fair, which is now located in Urwerk's Geneva office. The unique feature of this clock is that it is not designed to display time. Instead, it uses a retrograde display to calculate the distance (in kilometers) that the earth rotates about its axis on the equator. This function can be extended to UR-100, which is attributed to the brand's iconic hovering hours and satellite time display device, which can indicate those precise measurement values ​​in addition to the elapsed time.

"Since the creation of Urwerk, science fiction has been an inexhaustible source of inspiration." MARTIN FREI, chief designer and co-founder of URWERK.cheap men watches

In order to achieve a series of astronomical complexity, Urwerk demonstrated the internal working principle of the UR 12.01 movement to highlight the 360-degree complete range of motion that its proprietary carousel system may achieve. The turntable extends from the central pinion of the watch in three directions to form three separate pyramid structures, which are displayed every three hours and each structure has a total of four hours. Although the carousel itself is hollow to some extent, the unused 11 digits are blocked by the winding bridge structure of the watch. A small red hand is exposed at the end of each arm, bending down to slide around the entire dial after 3 hours of rotation of the turntable.

The time is indicated as the digital pyramid gradually crosses the minute track (visible at the bottom of the dial). But this is what happens after the pointer says time, which makes the UR-100 so eye-catching in space-time and astronomy. After an hour has passed, the hand that is actively showing time disappears under a large shield, and a novice starts at the zero mark to indicate the start of another hour.swiss watches for men

A few minutes later, the original pointer reappeared in a small opening to indicate the first celestial complication: the distance the earth rotates on its axis, just like on Sandoz's clock. This 20-minute scale is located between 9 o'clock and 11 o'clock on the display of a traditional watch, highlighting that the wearer rotates 555 kilometers when standing on the equator. While taking the original measurements at the same time, the other hand works on the other side, close to the two o'clock position of the traditional dial. The third hand calculates the distance of the earth orbiting the sun, which is about 35,740 kilometers every 20 minutes.

Urwerk's work is known for violating watchmaking conventions, and the UR-100 series continues to do this by observing the passage of time that was difficult to detect in the past. The latest UR-100 is made of solid 18k gold nuggets. Urwerk has used precious metals like red gold in the past, and it has been used on watches such as UR-110 and UR-103, but the brand is known for producing avant-garde steel and titanium. These three metals are all three The previous UR-100 version of the metal is made of. This is why the UR-100 gold case has a concentric brushed and frosted appearance, so unique, it represents the design difference from the previous UR-100 release.nice watches