CHECK WHAT IS YOUR PASSWORD: These are the worst passwords used in 2013. year

Instead of complicated passwords which can protect your data , a large number of people use short and simple passwords that are easy to break .

roviding safety experts for years warned Internet users to exercise great caution when choosing passwords to protect mails , profiles on social networking sites , sites for online data storage like Dropbox or SkyDrivea and many other online services . Specifically , instead of using a long and complicated passwords that include upper and lower case letters, numbers and various signs , a large number of people use only a few simple letters or numbers and such code can easily penetrate to the hackers without major problems can get their hands on a number of private data user .

Also , it is very important that the same code never used for various services because if the hackers get their hands on your user name and password that you use to access mail , the team will be able to access information easily and numerous other private data - for example, if access Facebook and Twitter are using the same data as the mail , people who get hold of your mail and password will have no trouble accessing profiles on social networks .

However , due to the large amount of services that we use today , many are too lazy to use a number of different usernames and passwords so that they often use the same password for e-mails and social networks , and in many cases it is about some simple passwords that are easy to remember , but also easy to break .

SplashData company that develops applications for managing passwords published a list of the worst passwords that were used 2013. year , largely on the basis of information received after the big hacker attack on Adobe and stealing millions of passwords of their users .

Compared to the previous year there was a change in the first place lists the most commonly used , and the worst passwords so in the last year, the most commonly used password was '123456 ' and the Business Insider warn all Internet users never use this , but the other password from this list because they are too well known to hackers and others who will use them to try to break into someone else's online accounts .

This is the twenty worst passwords from last year :

First 123456

Second password

3rd 12345678

4th Qwerty

5th abc123

6th 123456789

7th 111111

8th 1234567

9th iloveyou

10th adobe123

11th 123123

12th admin

13th 1234567890

14th letmein

15th photoshop

16th 1234

17th monkey

18th shadow

19th sunshine