PHOTO: We visited Sarajevo pump - a huge variation in prices

The fall in oil prices in the world market brought about changes in fuel prices at domestic gas stations. Fuel is not so cheap, people will in every conversation always say that it should be cheaper.

But in Sarajevo pumps are especially interesting variations in prices. You at gas stations located within a few hundred meters, to testify completely different prices.

How are the portal of management confirmed from Sarajevo SELEX, any price adjustment requires the approval of the Federal Ministry of Trade.

'' If we want to change the prices, we must get approval. The procedure lasts four days. So if we want to further reduce or raise the price and if approved schedule a date, just four days before consumers will be able to come out with new prices '', told us with a note that starting this weekend rates shall be reduced by an additional five pfennig (1.95 KM).

Lower fuel prices would have to be soon affect the entire economy. If the downward trend continues, it could significantly encourage domestic producers in other sectors which in the end, consumers could bring much more favorable prices of various products, especially domestic origin.

In the photo gallery to see fuel prices vary in Sarajevo pumps.