Djukic: exaggerated the incident on the flight to Belgrade

President handball club Vojvodina On the flight Frankfurt - Belgrade Lufthansa passenger tried to force their way into the cockpit.

On the flight Frankfurt - Belgrade Lufthansa passenger had tried to force their way into the cockpit.

He threatened to open the door of the plane, and that the intention was stopped by passengers.

As stated in the police, the plane landed safely at the airport Nikola Tesla in Belgrade, and the suspect passengers took the police.

According to the other people who were on the plane, that this information transferred to the social networks, this is the first passenger banged on the cockpit door, and then on the side door of the plane.

The crew did not report controlling flight emergency, but the plane landed smoothly at the airport.

On the plane were handball players of Vojvodina, which prevent the passenger attempts to open the door.

Upon landing he heard duty prosecutor and ordered his detention to 48 hours on suspicion of having committed a crime causing general danger. The crew of Lufthansa after a new boarding back to Munich.

Djukic: The situation was not as risky

President handball club Vojvodina Milan Djukic, who was one of the passengers on the flight, he warned that it was not an attack.

"The event that took place on the plane, which I would call the incident is quite exaggerated and it is given the greater importance than it is, probably because of all the circumstances that are happening in Europe and the world. Nor was such a risky situation or is it a kind terrorist attack. First of all I think this is a man who is mentally unstable, "he says he Djukic for Al Jazeera.

He added that he spoke with that passenger still on frankurtskom airport.

"I think the man has some psychological problems. Man are still at the Frankfurt airport stewardesses relocated to sit in place, to somewhere in the middle of a knock on the cockpit with some idea that will open the door, I guess cabins or not know why, then it is a flight attendant and two assistant coaches and players who were sitting there in the front row, more conversation, persuaded him to sit down. Nor was interrupted flight or emergency landing. In Belgrade, he was detained by police ", said Djukic.

Lufthansa: Safety was not compromised

German carrier Lufthansa has confirmed the incident on the plane on a flight from Frankfurt to Belgrade, stating that the passengers and crew mastered the man who "tried something at the cabin door," pointing out that aircraft safety has not been compromised.

"The passenger got up and tried to do something at the door, but was prevented from doing so the crew and other passengers," said Lufthansa spokesman Andreas Bartels.

Bartels said that the passenger by the end of the year in his place and that by landing in Belgrade handed over to the authorities.

"They are an ordinary door, which of course can not be open during the summer. It was not the cockpit door. Safety of flight is not eroded and the plane landed safely in Belgrade," said Bartels, AFP agency.

Bartels was not told the identity of passengers, nationality, or whether it is something said during the incident.