Bijeljina Public Security Center today confirmed that it is in the river Drina in Kozluk, near Zvornik found Andrew's body Beuca (34), Slovenes to that sought by 7 August.Later it was found that he is a citizen of Slovenia Andrej BEUC. His body, which are at 11:20 hours found by members of the Professional Fire units Zvornik and divers Diving Club "Trb" in Bijeljina, was transferred to the Medical Center Zvornik.

Beuc disappeared four days ago, after he jumped into the Drina. The search for him lasted until today, but what is particularly surprising the public, but also the rescuers, is the fact that the body is injured Slovenes found almost 15 kilometers away from the drowning.No one could expect that the Drina body drag as much as 15 kilometers, but the search was based on the surrounding area of Zvornik, not Kozluk, that is why it took so long.

The event "Zvornik summer", which is Beuc participated, was held in Zvornik, a body poznatnog Slovenian divers found today near Kozluk.During the last four days, which is searching quest for Slovenian citizen, Drina managed to drag his body up to Kozluk, and eventually found a fisherman Abdullah Hasanovic, who then informed the police.Looking for Andrej BEUC many people took part, police, firefighters, citizens, professional divers, many of which came from Slovenia, but, unfortunately, unhappy Slovenians there was no escape.

The search for the body, they would have ended earlier, that eddies and currents carried the body of the Drina are not so far from the crash site.