Angry parents released a recording of a child after vaccination, which stunned the world: "They destroyed his life '!

Recording of the transfer world's leading media and Croatian obviously must not!

While Croatia still derided by those who warn of more frequent and more serious side effects of today's vaccines in other parts of Europe it is quite normal to stimulate people to think critically about vaccinations as part of conscious life, not forced!
But in Croatia elite still do not want to hear the vaccine of choice while in Western countries more advanced than us that choice entirely normal and decent democratic societies, therefore bigotry regarding vaccination not surprised, and it becomes obvious that Croatia, together with the countries of the Balkans turned into a test zone not only vaccines, but also other experimental methods of treatment which obviously no one must protest.

In fact, almost all the world media sharing video which was originally published, and which are in the public left the angry parents of a child aged 10 months after receiving the vaccine against meningitis every day suffer up to 14 seizures, causing him quality life drastically reduced.

In fact, Luke Maguire and Louise Mckever, the boy's parents testify that Bobby before vaccination was perfectly normal baby, never sick. After the small vaccinated this summer recorded 55 visit to the hospital because of epileptic seizures, stomach problems and terrible allergies.

The seizures and convulsions novoređenačke are listed as side effects of said vaccine which is why parents are especially furious. Their recording in a few hours is reached 1, 8 million views and 27,500 share is quoted numerous international media.Since the parents shared this video and it alerted a good part of the world community, the hospital now carried out tests on Bobby to rule out the option that the child suffers from a genetic disorder epilepsy and convince the parents that the disease is not associated with the vaccine, although the child apparently collapses just after vaccination.

Parents of the times do not fall for the official side of the story and warned: 'This vaccine should not be administered to babies and thus destroy the life that has not even started' said an angry father who only son Bobby and continued: "Parents need to do something.They need to be informed about everything. Why do doctors warned of the side effects? They did not inform us? ', Further says Maguire and concludes: Parents, you worry about your children, because they do not take responsibility for side effects or when something goes wrong!'

Parents add that little Bobby was a happy child and that his vaccine ruined life. The attacks started on the same day as we vaccinated. Its temperature is suddenly he collapsed and did not react.The attacks or allergies have continued every day and he is no longer the same child! Father small Bobby also urged people to testify because they are sure that they are not the only ones life is ruined after vaccination."People do not talk publicly about their ruined lives because they are afraid that they will call people crazy anti-vaccine advocates but I could not keep quiet. I want to be the voice of all parents.

If my child had died, and I said nothing I could not live with myself! "We are their actions based on what we see, but we did not blindly follow what someone is saying, my father said that he lifted the world public to their feet!