Ma svašta! The only date when a woman is allowed to ask a man

Ma svašta! The only date when a woman is allowed to ask a man

According to many years of tradition, men have to ask women. However, one day in the year is reserved exclusively for women who want to ask a man.

When it comes to proposal, gender roles are still strictly divided. We rarely hear stories about women who have asked their partners, and men are still expected to be the ones who will suggest marriage.

A few years ago, experts carried out extensive research at a liberal American university related precisely to this topic, and the results were surprising. Namely, male respondents did not like the idea of asking a woman, but it is interesting that no single respondent gave the affirmative answer to the question if she would ask her partner.

According to the many-hundred-year tradition of many European countries, there is one day of the year during which women are "permitted" to apply for a man - on February 29th, every year in a row.

There are many legends about the origin of this custom, and according to one of them, Sv. Brigita asked Sv. Patrick to allow women to make a complaint because members of the nicer sex have to wait too long for their men to decide on that move. However, experts challenge this legend because Brigita was a child at the time Patrick died.

According to the second legend, the custom originates from Scotland. Queen Margaret allegedly passed a law allowing women to ask a man every four years, but proof of the existence of that law was never found in historical sources.

Times change, but it seems that certain established customs will not soon leave our society, even though it's time for them to leave.