LinShuHao critical red hold up the night of the stars the rookie first so hot

The rookie nfl jerseys first so hot

Since always, all star weekend rookie ", in addition to the role of warm field outside, not read it. Although a rookie desire is often shown very intense, often hit concoction of confrontation, but anyway, in the history of the NBA all-star, rookie "place is not more give prize. But, by the YuLinShu hao joining, the rookie of the year, I'm afraid I will be in recent years by the most fans of attention.

Originally, LinShuHao and did not appear on the list of rookie, in 20 days ago, he is just a live in his teammates on the sofa, ready to be the team cutting rookie just. But as the night LinShuHao critical red, the NBA natural won't pass up this opportunity, they decided to make an exception to the LinShuHao let rookie. Finally, as a rookie and two team wholesale nfl jerseys manager of one of the big shark shaq, beat will LinShuHao recruit enter an item in an account. So, o 'neal squad, has three star level of the player, LinShuHao, griffin and LuBiAo, to see what LinShuHao + griffin have what kind of effect, rookie "must not to be missed.

Besides what is worth mentioning, because previously did not broadcast a LinShuHao CCTV game, it will also be the average Chinese fans watching the opportunity of LinShuHao game.

CCTV5 9:00 a.m. on Sunday

Yao "comeback"

Dunk contest as props

This season, because race tightening, let many big shots in the continuous appear very tired after playing, give up all waste of time and energy for and easily wounded these reserves the program. And originally planned as wholesale jerseys teammates feeds the ball out of the LinShuHao dunk contest partner, also because his teammates to injury sidelined sweet burt, this time, the all star weekend, the second day of the absolute appear dim stars.

Of course, if want to find hotspot, also have no. In the dunk contest, yao "comeback" it will probably be more interesting. The rockets bardeen case entered for the dunk contest, how to dunk contest of ideas is very important. And in a routine interview, but the American media took bardeen case is preparing to dunk contest of the screen, under the basket there is a 1:1 yao's board, it seems, is to choose the case with refer "leap yao" means, to get a dunk contest, true don't know yao Ming if see such a scene, will they think about it?

CCTV5 9:00 a.m. on Monday

Veteran elegy

The all star against what's left

Has been the most eye-catching dunk contest starlight is bleak, the all star weekend lost an important cheap jerseys aspect, though rookie in a match, the LinShuHao join will make a game attractive, but the all star weekend of the main course, absolute or tournament between eastern. But this year's game seemed to let people some sad.

Like every year its seats scheduled zhao4 ben3 shan, in the last couple of years, each time the NBA all-star game, there'll be two places by Duncan and Kevin garnett early reservation, but this year, the two are both lost the election, is can't not sad. In addition to them, in the determined after bookings also includes announced his retirement in 2011, shaq and yao Ming. They put the opportunity to more young people, James, wade, griffin, Howard, durant, Ross...... The talent is the hope of alliance, even including LinShuHao, if he has two months early, then describes the all-star doubt, I'm afraid. The NBA is completing a new and old alternate cruel change, and change the most direct reflected, I'm[URL=]wholesale jerseys[/URL] afraid in all star weekend this the most magnificent stage on, we will see, young people are veterans received the gun.