A Professional amory

Say the love, the life & smile.
Don’t be gloomy…
Like gluey…
Hang on your opportunity to get your amour
The amour like a drawing key…
A key to open the a march of psychology
A march is the space of the march
The Founders are fainted
And the wonders are battled the peony
The love is the peony
The key is the founder of the rosy
The rosy had come from the posy land
The march is become like a wood
The wood fallen by the strugglers
And the deaths are pointed by the redden colour
Legs are cut
Hands are dancing

The grace of deaths become to flour
The sun of wish rise down the foots of deaths
The deaths who were given their life’s to get the victory
Yeah, the victory…
The victory become from slaughter and scarifies to get back your lost humanation.
Oh love; did you do that to be the pioneer and bossier?
You knocked the floor to be become a sea of bloods and foods of foxes…
Yes I am. I’m the man who wants to eliminate the envy between the people and other talons…
The sensible know how to move away
Away the amour…
Nice feeling and none knowing feeling link…
Link to the cover
The cover is like a bite
I am the door
& you are the key of me
You have opened me
You cut my body and you innovated’ it such as a “Diem stone”.
I am the dark and you are the sight.
I am the stars that are swim in the galaxy & I take the bright sight of you to stay alive and you are the sun.
You have taught, me how to be human…

The human that he found the aim of his life easily

As we know, humans are every time at struggle between the evil and nobly. So if we want to be a real people we must throw away the envy in our mind and heart, moreover we have to get on our life to service the others –if they want to be a real human without envy-. …
You are the honey
The honey, which I have tasted for many centuries before
Before I died after…
After death you weak up my death sailor from the darkness…
The darkness of fellness down
The fellness without back to the life…
The life that you make it to me of the happiness…
The happiness that you got’ it to me…
I thanks god that I found someone such as you.
Kill me,
Shelter me,
Kiss me,
Hugh me,
But love me,
You are the forest of me
You are my aloneness
You are everything…
When I get up
I wish that I were with you…
You are all the time in my pool
I remind all the words that you…
That you have told me and till now you still say the…
The awesome waves
You make my world like a wood of hearts
The trees are bones
The lack is the stomach
And the grace of the body