the romanich love

Once upon a time there was a Bucharest civilization of wolfs, they had lived inside woods they were simple human in normal situation, however. They become wolfs when they get upset or want to smooth the bloods of human.
They were such as the family, so nobody has get the right to contact human, if he or she from them, they wanted to innovate their death civilization
As normal day in Bucharest there two couple of people they loved each others like anyone want to live and love. Whereas they walked in Cornish once black has followed them so the girl known that is dangerous for her beloved to stay with her so she shouted by saying “run…run…run…” then he ran after he had seen the girl behavior a bit strange her eyes changed to another color like a fox ‘s eyes, she was from them. Day after day someone called him he said that if he wants to see his lover he should to meet him in the church, the poor man he loved her so much and he was ready to do everything to save her from the troubles. When he has arrived to church he opened the door; said: “hello” nobody answered him, then he said; “is there anybody her, suddenly they came then it was a horrible battle, but at the 2 of them they died and the others ran away, although that he was wounded but it was ok from him.
The night came and he woke up from his rest, he thought he had to seek her, then he has seen a wonder thing he it was a palace of the fox family, unfortunately he wasn’t wanted to be there, so they measured each others at the end they judge him to cut his neck, she winked him then she dropped a posy then jumped to run away from them all of them they were subway themselves to become wolf also her but she was whitely wolf, the man fell down in troop, only the whitely wolf saw him then in fact she wanted to help him, but he didn’t know that is the human (his love) he hunted her by his refer then after he felt guilty but she didn’t die then charged to human being, he had seen a doctor that to eliminate the dieses then she backed to him and finely they have lived a merriment life.