Suit and Tie

Heading out in my suit and tie,
To mingle with the crowd so fly,
It is time to show those who thought,
Hard work, dedication would not pay off,

Don’t worry anymore young fella,
The rainy days are past you, you have an umbrella,
Keep spreading the message of knowledge and education,
Be a role model, an inspiration,

Sleepless nights, study sessions and projects,
Are the steps you must take,
They are a shortcut to your success, ameliorate,
Once you realize you are doing it for yourself and not a grade,
All the worries, frustrations and complaints will fade,

Now that we are on the same page,
You should go pick up a book instead of a babe,
Babes will always be there, don’t you worry,
Once you earn your suit and tie, you won’t be sorry.