April 16th - Never Forget

It was 6 am, April 16th,
When my childhood dream,
Was broken by the scream,

Boots through the door,
Yelling and shooting,
Men with dark masks,
Started executing,

We were all scarred,
Had no time to react,
Did not truly realize,
We were under attack,

Rushed into the basement,
With the pajamas on,
We waited and hid,
Did not have time to mourn,

House was burning, falling debris,
The smell of smoke made my little brother scream,
He was just a baby did not really know,
The killer enemy was coming through the door,

Come on out, “majku vam jebem”,
Were the words of the man with AK-47,
Father ran out, so did my mother,
Heard the two shots, so I ran out crying,

Mother started crying, begging the men,
To stop questioning pops cause’ he’s innocent,
They asked for the money, we did not have any,
Continued questioning pops with semi-automatic,

I was a little kid, no more than a ten,
When I’ve seen my uncle laying by the den,
Body motionless and eyes balled out,
He was dead alright cause war started out,

UN soldiers passsing on the streets,
Witnessed the masacre yet turned the other cheek,
All I was thinking at that time,
Please dear God let me open my eyes,

No God in sight, it was a true carnage,
Seen my cousin’s sons piled like garbage,
The masked killers did not have any respect,
All they were thinking is rapeing and neglect,

16 yrs have passed since i’ve been to hell,
Time heals everything that’s what they said,
I won’t forget the pain or my fallen cousins,
Keeping the head up high cause I’m still allive,

My mother keeps saying, son calm down,
Why are you still thinking what happened in that town,
Don’t be angry, be ready to accept,
New life, new memories,please forget!