Suffering belongs not to the strong...

Suffering belongs not to the strong...

People come and go,
Sweet and sour,
Good and evil,
Protected by God,
Or protected by the wicked ones,

They will seam as being good,
Or they will seam as being evil,
Nonetheless God still knows what man hides,
Eternity is His alone,
Whom so ever seeks Him,

He will never turn away,
A pure heart made of faith and love,
May sometimes seam weak,
In front of an enemy,
Of your well-being,

But what the blind wicked man sees not,
Is the glory of God,
And His strong army,
Of Angels,
As Michael,

And the rest of the mighty soldiers,
Looking down on the wicked,
And thinking,

Such little beings,
Thinking they are alone,
That the witnesses are nowhere to be found,
And that Justice is blind in many ways than one,
Wicked people,

Suffer of wicked games,
Suffer of wicked soul pains,
Suffer of demons and devils breathes on their necks,
Suffer of what they cannot run from,
Suffering belongs not to the strong...//Melek 2013-11-13