Love comes when one deserves love...

Love comes when one deserves love...

There is no project called L.O.V.E,
One can not obtain the knowledge without going through it all,
One knows love the day it knocks you down,
Like a heaven sent gift from God,
People will have different versions,

People will try to trick you with words,
But love is just a feeling,
Sleepless nights,
Crazy fights,
Passion is not the only thing that follows with real love,

When you and that someone,
Cross each others paths,
You shall know,
Without that someone you will not make it,
If you can turn around,

That cannot be love,
Love has no limits,
It follows you straight to paradise,
So be careful,
Don't let your emotions play you mind tricks,

There is one true will know when it knocks you down...//Melek 2013-11-19