Strong reactions from the RS to Komsic declaration of war with that entity

lady komsic1Responding directly to the question of what will happen if the current President Milorad Dodik really try to realize their threats of secession that entity, Zeljko Komsic said that in this case the state to defend not only the Bosnians, but also many others, including him personally.
'A fool is one who thinks so will not be if you try to rip part of the country, "he said noting that his visit has not forgotten what happened in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1992. to 1995th year.
'Chop country inevitably lead to war. That's why it's stupid politics. Anything can, everything we can talk about it but I would like a whole remains we can not, "said his visit.
From the Republic of Serbian received vehement reaction to his statement
Letter to the SNSD in the House of Representatives of the BiH parliament Dušanka Majkić considers that the statement Komisic 'first significant appearance Komisic as the leader of the new party, which is well concerned who will do his electorate. "
Vice President of the Serbian Democratic Party, Borislav Bojic, said the Chair's Statement of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zeljko Komsic, it will be war in Bosnia and Herzegovina if the Republic of Serbian attempts to secede, "more and more away from the Serbian Bosnia," writes 
Chairman of the Democratic National Alliance, Marko Pavic, said that it is true that the situation in BiH concern, but that the contribution it made just Zeljko Komsic "as a free shooter who does not honor the Constitution nor any principle, or even the moral."
The overall situation in the country Zeljko Komsic rated troubling but added that it may come from, says Hina.