He blew himself up with a grenade because he could not pay the monument for his father


Borko Aksentić (53) demobilized fighter VRS from the Lower Palačkovaca because of poverty raised a hand to him, and killed him it is that he did not have the money to erect a monument to his father

akon what his neighbor carver announced price monument for his years ago deceased father, said that money does, that the shame and poverty can no longer hold, and you will hear will truncate his passion. Soon she heard the explosion. Thus, according to the findings, "News", a life ended Borko Aksentić, 53-year-old demobilized fighter VRS, who blew up a bomb in front of the family home, in the Lower Palackovci, near Prnjavor.

Expedition, which was found to Borko literally lay down on so-called "green" bomb, one of the deadliest hand grenades. Unhappy man had a permanent job, and his colleagues argue that his current behavior is in no way indicated that it might raise your hands to yourself. Behind him, the other wife and two adult children.

In prnjavorskoj veterans organization has confirmed that it has acquired the status of a fighter Borko first category, and that as a member of the VRS overcome OZRENSKA-vozućko, Derventski, marine, TESLIĆKA and many other battlefields. Unfortunately, he managed to cope with post-war problems, like many other war veterans.

Tragedy in Palackovci not, unfortunately, ended only by death Borka Aksentića. Just minutes after Borkov cousin in Štrpci expressed sympathy, of a heart attack died Nada Vrhovac (1945), for this prnjavorskog settlements.

Source: News