The woman broke through the security fence at the White House and killed

American secret service agents killed his wife after a chase that began when his car broke through a security fence at the White House, American media reported.


A woman's car broke through the security barrier at the intersection of 15th and Pennsylvania Avenue, near the White House.

Police chased and about 2 km away at Constitution Avenue, near the Capitol, Senate and complex, and only a few blocks away from the Supreme Court of the United States, there has been a shooting.

A woman was killed and injured a policeman who had titok chase traffic accident. Washington Capitol, seat of congresses, was blocked after the shooting because the House of Representatives and the Senate convened separately at the time of the shooting.

Senate hall was closed and it was located Senate staff, while leaders of the Senate were confined to their offices.Once the police are convinced that the security situation is good, re-established the free movement of the blocking part.

The shootout was informed by President Barack Obama. The White House has been in contact with the police and followed the incident. ( Fena )