If we had played in Zenica, not on points, went to the EP

If we had played in Zenica, not on points, went to the EP

If we had played in Zenica, not on points, went to the EP

It is destined to become a top footballer. Neither war, nor the breakdown of the state, whose coat of arms bore in his youth, even going out of their parents could not stop Hasan Salihamidzic on the road to creating a large, impressive career. Braco's most successful BH footballer who has won everything in his career, was a multiple champion Germany , Europe, the world. All with Bayern and the game card enriched appearances for Hamburg, Juventus, Wolfsburg. began in his native Jablanica, the first football secrets he learned from his father Ahmed Salihamidzic, sometimes skilled players Turbine, Igman, later recognized sports workers. And Adil Klepo, a tireless worker, has contributed to the formation of a toy Hasan. What will the knowledge that is taught in the turbine and Velez, the work habits that was inherited from the exemplary parents Ahmed and Šefika, and with the help of a cousin Ahmed Halilhodzic continue in the Bundesliga, where a decade was one of the most important players in Bayern. U exclusive interview Braco for Avaz "Sport" talks about his career, mishaps and accidents, about the team, going to Brazil ... Ambassador UEFA There you are often in the media? - I did not like to expose even when I played, so I see no reason to now be different. UEFA has chosen me as an ambassador, and I get these days in Sarajevo, which makes me of the very lucky - he says at the beginning of Braco.



What do you do now, whether you're involved in sports?
- Lately I've been most involved about masters and houses from which he graduated. I enjoy when I'm with my family and when you can watch the progress of finishing work. Whether the hint that they could enter the coaching school? - I've been thinking about that, but now the coaching license pending. I have some other offers. Very quickly † u know what I will do in the coming year. might return journalism or commentary work, who you are with a lot of success doing? - I would now say what it is. The truth is that I enjoyed komentatoskoj role. Very interesting job. How's your son Nik? - Super. He is pleased and he and I are. I take him to training, follow the game, I support it. And he was happy when I was somewhere around the field. Practicing it my shura Francisco Kopado. Sometimes I help. Most importantly it is in good hands. When I played at Juventus and Torino, he was happiest when I'm practicing. Now it's super happy, play the right side, the position where I usually play. Playing Do you sometimes? - I play this exhibition game. I recently played at the celebration of Hamburg, where they gathered many generations HSVi St. Pauli. They played, among others: Kalc, Berthold, Buhvald, Mateus, Babel ...Sergej Barbarez and I played in a team. Long time no see, we told you about everything and svaźemu. Sergei and I now no longer with the family. I saw that he was happy about it.  



You've probably talked about the success of our team?

- Sure. We remember the times when we played together. As much as we were sorry that we could not, we are happy for this generation, which is to step up to big success. Can Liechtenstein and Lithuania complicate the road to Brazil? - not about small things. We have come to an end. We must take all six points. It should not be gambling. There is nothing "easy bit" should be concentrated and enter a dream into reality. Both matches should be played male, cold ... You could see against Slovakia in Zenica to complete when you are not entered correctly. At least in football anything is possible, I believe in the ultimate triumph! Vama Lithuania remained on pleasant memories? - How to stay when I got the red card, and we still lost. However, Lithuania's not as strong as those with whom we played. hear you with some of the former teammates? - With Bolic in touch. We hear you, we agreed that we see now when I come to Sarajevo.



Your memorable matches in the uniform of BiH?

- Victory against Italy at Kosevo when I scored a goal. It was my second appearance. I also remember the victory over Denmark, the full points, when there were 3: 0 outclassed opponents. He led us Fuad Muzurović. We were then a great crowd, as one family. They slept in some bungalows, but we played with the heart.



Where do you see this generation at the World Championships. Can we in Brazil may make even bigger surprise?

- That you never know. It is what a group is. Certainly † we have that euphoria, confidence. First appearance at such a big competition does not have to be a handicap. It can be an advantage. It all depends on what the opponents get. I believe in this team. How do you see the game Kolašinca and Bicakcic in the Bundesliga? - Kolašinca I watched some European matches. Pause this season due to injury. If it wants Germany certainly has the quality. It is good that such a player wants to play for the country. I watched and Bicakcic. Very good, but a shame that his team is not that good. I'm not sure that it will survive. Vedad Ibisevic play great? - Vedad game that is expected of him. The best club shooter. I would say that one is better than the rest of the team. Formerly you left preparations HSV in Spain to play for Bosnia and Herzegovina, the first for the bride, then the A team? During the ten years of playing for the national team was everything. Do you regret for something? - With the sports aspect only regret that we have not qualified for the big competition. What other things ture have to complain once. I accepted the invitation from the heart NSBiH. I had no reservations. In the club we have not created problems, because in my view a huge desire to play for your country. miss dressing Why Your generation, which had a true class, like Bolić, Barbarez, Kodra, Baljić, HIBIĆ, Music, cavalry, Varešanović, Kapetanovića .. had more success? - In my generation, and I've played almost a dozen years ago, it was top players. We simply have not had any luck.You know I was then air. We played the "masters" at the dance, but I always say that you went to the EP that we have, instead of points, played in Zenica. There were plenty of things that we were not going to hand. Selectors were changed after each cycle. I do not begrudge anyone anything. The team I have always given themselves over, but all I could not, as some might expect §. I retired when I could no longer play the way I want, I can.


You played in Italy and Germany, do you regret what you did not play, say, in England or Spain?

- England did not attract me. VICE I wanted to play in Spain. When I first came to Bayern, I had an offer from Barcelona. I'm not sorry I stayed at Bayern, but to me the Spanish league felt good because my wife Spaniard.



What do you miss most now?

- I miss the adrenaline, locker rooms, terrain, and even quarantine that players do not like. I had a habit, get an hour, hour and a half before the workout. And then they were joking around in the locker room. Almost twenty years I have lived in such a rhythm, so it is logical to wish you pitch. However, I can not complain at the "retirement" life because I enjoy with my family. I hope to enjoy in the new call. Maybe I commentator in Brazil.Finally, who do you think is the best player in the world, or to us with players who are admired as teammate or as a kid? - While I was in the turbine and Velez, I admired Semir hail. Like many kids, and I wanted to dribble like a dozen. He is unique with its famous "bicycle". It looked easy, but the guards did not have a solution for his dribbling. I admired Maradona, and the domestic courts Violeta Stojkovic, Baždarević ... Of the world's players for me is true, the best Brazilian Ronaldo. He was an amazing player. Otherwise, I'm weak on Elber, in my opinion was one of the best players at that time. And Ribery is hellish. One of the five currently the best strikers in the world - said at the end of Avaz "Sport" Hasan Salihamidzic.  MAGAT and Hicfild - MAGAT and Hicfild are two of the best coaches that I was trained. In MAGAT I got a chance to play for the first team of HSV. He led me back to Bayern and Wolfsburg. With Hicfildom've won everything there was to win. He stamped my career. Hicfild the expert, pshiolog, tactician. All in one. However, they differ in the mode. Otmar much went on the atmosphere in the team, the psychological moment, and MAGAT effect, running ... They were great people and experts. I was privileged to work with them - in superlatives Braco talking about Hicfildu and MAGAT. Braco, begin! Hasan told us some anecdotes from his career. - Before the final German Cup coach MAGAT came into my room and said: Brother, starting today! I jumped for joy. Then he told me, but you play only 45 minutes .... I am puzzled why he asked, and he replied: - You do your job for 45 minutes work, istrčiš their shares. I hope that by then we will get a result, so there will be no need to play the second half ... And so it was. Another "pearl" that I remember is when we are in the Champions League losing to Lyon. Then we were just a journalist "ripped". For each player has written what might be in another business. To experience he wrote that he could work on a ship, for Lizarazua that can lead tourism agency that organizes trips around France. For me, he said that he could work as a waiter. For Tarnat wrote that the bureau. As a not for nothing ... It was embarrassing, but funny-recalls Hasan.