Policeman injured pulled out of the ambulance and went the asphalt 18+

Mirza Campari ( 38 ) , which is the Sabbath , in Mostar settlement Zalik , specifically in a house in the street Mujo Pasic , celebrated the first birthday of the child of a married couple Čuljak , police beat , causing him head injuries , spine and legs .
Baton on the head
- At the celebration we were about thirty men, women and children . I heard a scuffle outside and went to see what was happening. I felt a blow on the head and that I lost consciousness . Policeman me for no reason hit , and it did not do anything . - Said in a statement , adding that he does not remember what happened next , but they have eyewitnesses , the other revelers , who told him that he was a police officer then stomped his feet.
According to them, after Čampara got hit in the head with a baton , police handcuffed him in both hands .
- When the ambulance arrived , and they called the witnesses , not the police , technicians have entered him in the ambulance car to give him help . They asked the police to handcuff him untied because he could not help point tied back and it was done . However , a police officer I. P. during the apparitions first aid this guy knocked it out of the car ambulance and threw him onto the asphalt when the recording was made - said one of the eyewitnesses said, adding that the Čampara , then , transported to hospital .
Statement by Prosecutor
Police and the Office of the National Theatre , in turn , on Sunday communicated to the Saturday before midnight, there was a disturbance of public order .
- Five people attacked the police , due to which they applied for minor injuries . We do not know exactly what they are attacked . Revelers were then , because of attacks on officials .