Tuzla: Police received an order to strike the nation, there are many injured

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President of the union workers ' Polihema ' Sakib Kopić confirmed in a statement to the Anadolu Agency ( AA ) to the police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tuzla Canton ( MUP TK ) arrested 22 persons who participated in today's protest disenfranchised workers and unemployed people in Tuzla , which culminated in the calculation citizens and police on the streets of the largest city in southeastern Bosnia .

'' Most of the time it comes to teenagers , children of 17.18 years . There is one woman who has a child of five years , so I did. They arrested me even though I was just sitting on the road . We are all brought to the Interior Ministry . Nobody told us why we brought to believe . They keep us more than an hour , but nothing nobody tells us ,'' said Kopić in a telephone interview with a journalist from AA Police station in Tuzla , adding that at the moment waiting '' interrogators that we investigate .''

He said that the Tuzla specialists severely beaten Aldin ŠIRANOVIĆ , drivers of the Facebook group " Gust '' , who spoke today in front of the assembled citizens and workers .

'' He was smashed specialists ... I was a witness when one specialist said that a guy with a megaphone break . Rather than send him to the hospital , they introduced him to the test , he was broken shattered . Blood was pouring from his nose ,'' argues Kopić .

Furthermore , Kopić said that the special forces were ordered to '' take away workers and citizens .''

'' They were given orders to remove us , and that's it . Then he started a mass brawl . There are plenty of injuries . I saw a child of 15 years that was all bloody. Was thrown into a bus and did not let him out . The doctors wanted to give him help, but did not have a key. Did not allow him to point out and help out ,'' he added .

When asked whether it is true that the protesters attacked police and threw stones , Kopić openly confirmed that there are some situations , but the workers' representatives of which shall be enclosed.

'' I stood in front of the specials that hit me . I defended the police from the people . We were not in this way . But you see , conflicts are staged specialists . They are the premier TK ( Sead Causevic ) and Minister of Police ( Zoran Teofilović ) gave the order to strike the nation and that is how it was. And they were off. They went on all sides to break us ,'' he concluded.

Trade union organizations of former economic giants several factories , the Facebook group " 50,000 people to the streets for a better tomorrow ," Association unemployed canton, and many pensioners and citizens today blocked the entrances to the Court and the Prosecutor's Office of Tuzla Canton , and later continued protests in front of the Government TK - and to express dissatisfaction with the current situation in Canton .

At one point, participants in the protest were forcibly tried to enter the building of the Government , as the police prevented . There was a fierce conflict citizens and police , and in a moment the streets are burning tires .