Komsic wished that the World Cup trophy one day see in the hands of players BiH

Authentic and only World Cup trophy arrived in Sarajevo , and the same will be in the capital of our country to keep the next two days .

President of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina; was inaugurated by the cup and became the only citizen of our country who had the honor to touch the trophy .

'' I'm glad to be part of the events in Bosnia and Herzegovina brings good part of the atmosphere and energy , we are pleased to be a part of the championship , which this year will unite the world in love and passion that football provides . I realized that I was the only citizen of the country who can touch this trophy , and that represents a great privilege , I hope you will be our Dragons bring that trophy in our country ,'' said his visit .

Following media and addressed the representative umbrella football institutions .

'' Great honor and pleasure on behalf of FIFA to be here for the first time in the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina qualified for the World Cup among fans know that there is great joy , this trophy ujedinuje people and inspire kids to dream , to get involved in sports and to one day play the team and why not podigrnu this trophy on behalf of his country , all navijčima who have sacrificed , we know that traveling long to cheer on their national team , will all the next two days will be able to feel the magic and the magic of Nodi this trophy '' Beck said Odriozol .

President NFS BiH Elvedin Begic thanked FIFA and Coca - Cola and

'' At the beginning I would like to thank FIFA and Coca Cola which have enabled the trophy in our country , this year we are living his dream as a special for all of us , football is a game nepredvidia please everyone together in the coming period, cheer our football players I hope that we can surprise the Dragons in Brazil . This is an event that will be after our placement at the World Championships to get into the history of our country ,'' he added Begic .

Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the 53 new countries that will see the cup as part of the tour . The trophy weighs just over six pounds will look on Friday and Saturday in the hall Mirza Delibasic .