OBAMA said: "Israel has the right to defend themselves! '

The President of the United States at the White House Iftar Muslim leaders giving a speech that Israel has a right to defend itself.

This year in the White House, 14 July, President Barack Obama hosted an iftar for dignitaries from hundreds of millions of Muslim communities in the United States.

"Thank you for being here - Ramadan Karim! Late. You're hungry.'ll Be brief," President Obama began his speech, which are present responded with enthusiastic laughter her friendliness and welcoming.

The President said that Ramadan is a reminder to everyone how much we share: the values ​​of peace and charity, the importance of family and community. He reiterated some fundamental truths and qualities of the United States, such as respect for freedom of religion. The President is quoted even some sayings of the Prophet of Islam, and then said some very successful examples and contributions of Muslims in the United States. Particularly appointed personalities that are coming to the United States have made a significant impact or benefit of American society.

In his homily iftarskoj President Obama, of course, could not avoid the bitter theme that all these burdens on millions of people, not just in America but around the world - and the brutal siege of Gaza shelling.

In the atmosphere of the fasting month, before their appearance iftar, Mr. Obama is Muslim dignitaries served čemer hypocrisy - a policy that today the real general chaos in the Middle East.

Without any hesitation, and respect for the millions of American citizens, Muslims and non-Muslims, but also for all people of the world, President Obama repeated almost the same words that he said several times during his term in office: "Israel has a right to defend itself."

On this bitter Iftar at the White House is, oddly, struck the Israeli ambassador Ron Dermer, who can hardly wait for the President's words and triumphantly announced on his Twitter that he was in the White House at Iftar and that "price is a strong statement that here gave President Obama on Israel's right to defend yourself. "

What is the reason that in such a humiliating way President Obama, who is, incidentally say, is ultimately responsible for the disastrous foreign policy and its far-reaching consequences in the Middle East, referring to his fellow citizens, Muslim dignitaries? "To examine their loyalty or perhaps question the capacity of their discredited and betrayal" - reacted to this embarrassing disgrace prominent Muslim thinker Dr. Tariq Ramadan.

The larger and more important question is why are these same Muslim leaders who listened so humiliating speech of U.S. President others sit? Why have not stood up and left this humiliation or, at least, why are not more of them did not. Because that is any chance President Obama has done something similar, or better said, at least tried to do something Jewish American dignitaries - it would certainly happen.

Obama's words, "Our goal was and remains peace and security for Israelis and Palestinians" are a deception and a lie, if after these words following unilateral justify only Israeli law. What about the rights of the Palestinians?

Is it enough to characterize Hamas a terrorist organization and that all justified. Is not this kind of attitude towards the suffering of civilians as has Israel, which most American and European media hits balances with random shelling that makes Hamas from the Gaza Strip, a kind of ethical terrorism, because most of the world against Israel, however, communicate in a normal way and it is considered strong ally and partner of the West. With Gaza and communication at all - it's a prison, camp outdoors. It seems that the West viewed as a kind of quarantine infected, you should burn and raze!?

The catastrophic foreign policy of the Obama administration is the most responsible for the general chaos in the Middle East. From Syria, where for more than three years the world witnessed a humanitarian catastrophe, over Iraq, where after a failed U.S. democratization project creates a dark vilayet, to Egypt, where human rights and freedoms trampled military junta, to Gaza, where nearly two million civilians becomes subjected to collective punishment in the biggest camp in the open air, at the mercy of Israel, only to find that same Israel's "right to defend itself." The status quo was recognized by President Obama, unsustainable, and the only solution is, according to him, "a just and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians, who will respect the dignity of all people." However, now the question is whether in the Holy Land at all possible to anything other than the status quo. Why? Because it does not respect the dignity of all people equally!

"From izrelskog brutal treatment of the Palestinians only more disturbing their commitment to the work they clothed their claims of morality," he wrote a few days ago a prominent Lebanese-American author James Zobgy, which is particularly criticized the mentality of recognition for any errors.

It seems that this mentality more pronounced and all ostentatiously used for the U.S., because if the president of America quite openly and without reservation use a festive occasion, the Muslim holy month and iftar, and the presence of American Muslim notables for one so bitter humiliation - then it is time to complete tailspin, values ​​and ideals underlying the United States.

However, the powerful propaganda machine is slowly collapsing. While this is happening as long as the fiercest attacks on Gaza and while thousands of traumatized civilians await their turn on death rattle - you just helpless and desperate cries from Gaza are the biggest blow and examination of morality and consciousness of the modern world.

For most free and independent worldwide reality is making its way to the light of day