American journalists brutally murdered Brit!

The murder of American journalist James Foley, the focus of the world public. New details suggest that the murderers who had beheaded Briton, and is a member of a gang of British jihadists known as "The Beatles". Analysis of voting, which was released on tape killing of journalist argued that the accent characteristic of the people of East London. Secret Service found out and that the killer known as John. French journalist Didier Francois, who was also in captivity along with Foley, said he believes he knows who killed him. In an interview with radio Europe 1 when asked whether the murderer is identified with gruesome footage. "I can guess who it could be," said Francois, adding that since he was acquitted did not address the James Foley and another hostage, Steven Sotlofu, because of the threat of retaliation. "If you talk publicly about how they were captured, or you've been together, they will be punished," recounted the Frenchman threats that are imposed on him. Henin was unhappy with Foley was in the same prison seven months Two and a half months Francois spent together with a group of French hostages, Nicolas Henin, Edouard and Pierre Elias Torres. They were freed in April after France paid a ransom. rencuski journalists Edouard Elias, Didier Francois, Nicolas Henin and Pierre Torres during the liberation in April this year Henin said the late journalist beaten when they found photos of his brother, who is a member of the military aviation of the United States. Henin was unhappy with Foley was in the same prison for seven months. Former intelligence chief UK (MI6) Richard Barrett said the members of the SAS to be sent to Syria and Iraq with the mission to "butchers" brought to justice. The Daily Mail writes that masked butcher who beheaded American journalist known as Jailer John (John the Jailer).