Challenge group members MTB Gračanica Give blood and nominates


Members of the informal group "MTB Gracanica" came at a great idea. Most of those who surf the Internet, most of Facebook, they could not see how it is produced and spread the "Ice bucket challenge" idea. The idea itself is great but translated into the Bosnian way, she became coherent. Probably because of the ignorance of the matter, which is why and how everything went.

Members MTB group came up with the idea that accepting the idea of ​​"ice bucket," he attempt to do something useful for our community, starting from Gracanica. So they decided to donate blood and each nominate a few members of your group or friends, relatives, to do the same.

The first step this morning in transfusion practice did two members of the group MTB Gracanica, Erhad Brkic and Bojan Petrovic. They gave blood, both for the first time in my life, and have nominated several people to do the same.

Erhad was nominated Goran Prodića from MTB Doboj, Nedim Kurtovic from MTB Gracanica and journalists in the newsroom Radio Gracanica, Adnan Džafo.

Bojan was nominated Nedim Šišića from MTB Gracanica, Nedim MUSIC, sports worker and president of the Handball Club Gracanica, and Amir Maglajliju of the Association of Young ANEA Gracanica.

6 nominees should, according to some "rules" to donate blood in the next few days, note that photography and nominate a few members.

What is important to point out, you can donate blood or the Department of Transfusion Gračanica General Hospital, Dr. Mustafa Beganović and it ends with a friendly staff for a maximum of half an hour.

It is also important to point out that giving blood is not the same as blood tests to find. When you want to donate blood, you can do so at any time from 7 to 15 hours prior to blood donation can eat, drink juice, tea, water and the like.

According to the first members of the MTB Group of Gracanica, the desire is to move the community that animates as many people to give blood in order to create reserves of this precious liquid, which in certain circumstances is worth more than anything.

Nominations and all other activities can watch on our FB profile Radio Gracanica.