'Victory Kolinda could renew a right-wing nationalism in Croatia'

World Agency says that victory Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic in the race for president of the Croatian reflects dissatisfaction of Croatian citizens, according to Tanjug.

It is alleged that the citizens are dissatisfied because of the economic crisis and that the victory of the HDZ candidate a good indicator of which direction will go the announced parliamentary elections.

Former diplomat Grabar-Kitarovic from the conservative opposition HDZ can expect several months of tense cohabitation with a government led by the Social Democrats before the end of 2015 they held a general election, according to Reuters.

Although the function is largely ceremonial president, the British agency states that her victory could mark the return of the HDZ to power.

With won 50.4 percent of the vote, Grabar-Kitarovic has won a najtjesniju possible victory, since her rival, incumbent President Ivo Josipovic received 49.6 percent of the vote.

Reuters believes that its victory most contributed to widespread dissatisfaction with the difficult economic situation and unemployment is as high as 20 percent.

Grabar-Kitarovic, who takes office as the first president of the Croatian 19th January, during the election campaign has emphasized the need for a change of direction and greater activity of the head of state that the country could overcome the toughest economic crisis in which she found herself since independence in 1991, explains Reuters.

AP points out that these elections were a key test for the government of center-left, which will be this year to face the general election of that cloud of criticism for the way it faces with the economic crisis.

Victory conservatives could lead to recovery of right-wing nationalism in Croatia, which would jeopardize its relations with its neighbors, including former rivals from the time of the Balkan wars, Serbia, according to the AP.

And the agency points out that the functions of the President in Croatia, mainly ceremonial, but that these elections are an important test for the main political parties ahead of parliamentary elections that will be held in the second half of this year, adding that victory Grabar-Kitarovic significantly increases the chances of HDZ and to return to power.

AFP says that the first president of the Croatian moderately conservative politician who presents himself as "a woman of the people" and likes to joke that he was one of the few diplomats who know they milked cows. Energetic politician friendly smile often said to originate from the countryside and had a happy childhood in a modest mesarskoj family, said the French agency. She was born in a village near the northern Adriatic port of Rijeka. There he acquired skills such as milking cows that is proud, and once stated that her hero is her mother who encouraged her ambitions.

AFP emphasizes that Grabar-Kitarovic, who has a son and a daughter, advocated for the rights of gays and said she would support their child if it would be same-sex sexual orientation. In addition, she advocated for the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes and the right of women to abortion.