GRAČANICA: She died one of the nurses Đulić, which is 17 years ago visited Princess Diana

GRAČANICA: Umrla jedna od sestara Đulić, koje je prije 17 godina posjetila princeza Dajana

Today the cemetery Sabuša in Gracanica performed funeral Fahrija Đulić (57), one of the nurses Đulić, which is 3 August 1997, staying in B & H and the Tuzla Canton visited Princess Dajana- Lady Di (Lady Diana Spencer), a great fighter against mines in the world.

Having been in the house mothers and wives Nedim Brkic in Gracanica, who died on the banks of the river Spreča while, after the war, went fishing, and convinced the hard life of victims of unexploded mines, the princess found herself in a dilapidated house of the Sisters of Mirsada and Fahrije Đulić and their blind brother Rama.

Both sisters are June 21, 1992, returning from work duties from a shoe factory "Fortuna" stepped on a mine and both left without right leg. They were surprised by the Princess of immediacy and comfort.

After that, the sisters survived, and then retired. Due to their dilapidated house located next to the river and prevent Sokoluša, last year they twice had to be evacuated, so they reverted to their modes such-such a home.

With tears were repeatedly zahvaljilvale "Dnevni Avaz" from whom they have received more aid package, as well as a coupon from the sale of our list, to help those in need.

Fahri, they say, went to another, better and more just world. Other Mirsad is that as amputee fighting with blind brother Rama. Until the will of God.