MEHMEDOVIĆ: FOR POLICY MLAKE SDA Bosniaks are humble in their own country

State representative SDA Šemsudin Mehmedović in his regular video speech Friday at 9 this time spoke about the upcoming Congress of SDA on which to choose new leadership, writes news agency Patria.

He cited three key elements that should meet and do the one that wants to stand and be president of the SDA.

Among other things, Mehmedovic said:

-Nedopustivo Is that because of the lukewarm and unrecognizable SDA policy, we now have the humiliation of Bosniaks in their own country of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which should have the main say. We have today Bosniaks exposed to terrible torture especially in the Republic of Serbian.

He also talked about the persecution of SDA, and about the lack of freedom within the party that speaks openly about everything.

In his opinion, the one who can provide all what he said as a key "we want to see at the head of the SDA."