Penalized Swedish doctor who mocked Muslim women

Švedska, Muslimanke

Ombudsman for issues of discrimination in Sweden ordered a fine in the amount of 75,000 kronor (6,980 euros) a doctor who is in the hospital mocked Muslim women from wearing the hijab after she refused to shake his hand.
The official news agency of the Scandinavian countries TT transferred to a covered Muslim woman, accompanied by her husband, went to the hospital in the capital, Stockholm for inspection at the department of gynecology.
There they were received by the doctor who gave the woman his hand in greeting, to which she did not return, but merely nodded to gestured back.
Preventing Discrimination
As reported by TT, the doctor was furious after the woman refused to shake hands with him.
Began her make offensive words and make fun of it, and he refused to refer to a specialist that is reviewed.
After that a woman filed a complaint against the doctor Ombudsman, whose task is to prevent discrimination among members of the community.
Ombudsman to pay a fine to the doctor and asked him to apologize to the woman because of the offense.