Israelis consider Obama the worst US president

Although this result is not a surprise, it is surprising what percentage of respondents share this opinion, commenting on Israeli media.

Respondents were asked to say what they think they are the best and worst presidents judging by the attitude towards the Jewish state.

Obama is the worst mark the sixty-three percent of Israelis.

Far below him, in second place was Jimmy Carter, Nobel Peace Prize and an outspoken critic of Israel, with 16 percent.

Carter's criticisms have led to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Ruven Rivlin refused to meet with him during the upcoming visit to Israel.

However, the Israelis obviously think that Obama is worse than Carter.

George Bush Senior took third place with 4 percent of the vote.

Israel is a favorite of Bill Clinton with 37 percent, and close behind him was Obama's predecessor, Republican George W. Bush with 33, followed by Ronald Reagan by 8 percent.

The answer to the question of who is the best president eleven percent said they did not know.

When asked whether they thought Obama for Israel or the Palestinians or neutral, 60 percent of it marked Palestinian, compared with 47 percent Izraelcaa who thought so about him in 2012.

Only 9 percent anktetiranih thinks that the current composition of the White House pro-Israel.

Among respondents who identified themselves as right-wingers even more of them - 77 percent thought that Obama for the Palestinians, and among religious Jews, the percentage is the highest 81 percent.

However, even among the left only 16 percent believe that the current president of the US pro-Israel, 33 percent of the Palestinian and 46 to be neutral.