LIVE: The fires raging in the south of Croatian and BiH

The fire threatened homes on the peninsula, difficult situation persists at Smokvica on Korcula, houses were threatened in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
19:15 - Peljesac

Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic with several ministers and the Chief of General Staff Drago Lovric arrived on the peninsula.

"Last year there was a fire, this year began, and there will be more. This is just the beginning. We must be prepared, techniques, people. When it goes like this rough, can not get enough. We as a country well-equipped, but this is chaos. We count on the courage of the people who do this and their expertise, "Milanovic said during the visit to the Croatian media.

When asked whether the state to help people where the fire destroyed property, Milanovic said:

"The state will always eventually jump. But the point is that in areas where fire may occur this time previously secure assets. "

Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic said that it is now important to prevent human casualties.

18:32 - Istria

Almost 25 hectares of deciduous forests and undergrowth burned in the great fire that on Tuesday around 13:25 hours broke out not far from Pazin, between Banovci and Gajmovci, Hina learned from the county fire department commander Dina Kozlevca.

The fire was localized around 17:45, and shutdown, along with 50 or so members of the public fire brigades from Pazin, Pula, Porec, Rovinj and Buzet with 18 vehicles attended by members of DVDs from Pazin and Žminj and one Air Tractors.

Meanwhile around 16:30 a fire broke out between Butkovići and Pačići near Vodnjan which is localized in 18 hours.

Burned 10 hectares of grass and low-growing plants. In extinguishing the fire was attended by 26 members of the JVP Pula, members of the DVD Pula, Vodnjan and Fazana and the Air Tractor.

18:27 - Korcula, Peljesac

The fire-fighting on the peninsula, the area Trstenik and Pijavičinog, sent the 50 members of the Croatian Army (Army) of the Armed Forces, said on Tuesday afternoon Croatian Ministry of Defence.

On the Peljesac peninsula is more active fire at Ponikve were engaged firefighting aircraft Air Force Armed Forces, one Canadair CL-415 and one helicopter Mi-8 MTV and additionally suggests another Canadair CL-415th

During this day the fire was extinguished peninsula five fire planes and helicopters.

Fifty members of the Armed Forces on the peninsula was sent at the request of the National Protection and Rescue Directorate (NPRD) and based on the decision of the Minister of Defense, Anthony Kotromanovic.

18:15 - Tomislavgrad

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of BiH. Canton 10, warned that the majority of fires recorded recently in the area of ​​its responsibility, where it caused considerable material damage, caused by human negligence, which is punishable by law in the amount of 100 to 1.000 KM (50 to 500 euros), as for legal as well as for individuals.

Therefore, the Ministry of Interior appealed to all citizens to abide by the legal provisions, do not light fires on illegal sites, do not leave a lit fire unattended, do not destroy nature and the environment, as little carelessness can have huge consequences.

17:42 - Korcula, Peljesac

Fire commander of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County Stephen Simovic said on Tuesday afternoon that the fire on the island of Korcula and Peljesac still active and that still can not guarantee that homes and commercial buildings do not pose a fire hazard.

"The situation on the island of Korcula was better than this morning. We are fighting in the area to Smokvica. One part we were able to stop it, and the other part goes towards Zavalatica. In this southeastern part we sent firefighters and try to defend it, "said Simovic.

"For now, we defend the house, but there will be more big fight," said Simovic and added that they can not guarantee that the defense completed house because all the fires are still active.

The commander of the Fire Department units of Dubrovnik Riviera Ivo Franušić, which is on the ground in the peninsula, briefly noted Hina how the fire spread everywhere.

"They came to us and the air force. People on the ground are doing, but I can not hold fire. He came out was a breeze, and it is a big area in the hills, "he said, adding that Franušić burning area of ​​600 hectares.

The peninsula is burned Winery Grgic and many cars and farm animals. According to the information available so far, no human casualties, but on the ground the fire brigades from all over the Croatian and the military.

17:37 - Mostar

17:33 - Peljesac

The fire on the peninsula, in the area between Trstenik and Pijavičnog, damage to the cottage and famous Bosnian singer Dino Merlin, or damage as a result is not great.

17:22 - Bileca

Ministry of Defense has approved the engagement of the armed forces in fighting fires in the municipalities of Bileca and Grahovo in the course of the afternoon will be deployed more than 100 members of the Armed Forces of the affected areas.

In the late afternoon in support of forces in the operation to extinguish the fire will be engaged and from one to two helicopters from the brigade Air Force and Air defense EAF.

Engaged members of the First and Second Infantry Battalion, Fourth Infantry Brigade of the AF BiH in Livno and Bileca with equipment for protection and fire fighting. They will provide assistance to the Civil Protection, fire brigades and local people.

Assist AF BiH is requested due to the inability of local communities to their own forces and means to resist strong conflagration, which is already a few days spreads to these areas due to extremely high temperatures and strong winds and more seriously threatened by the local population and material goods, announced the Ministry of Defence.

17:17 - Grahovo

Still burning dry grass and low vegetation around the village of Mirkovci, Luke and troughs in Bosansko Grahovo until residential and other buildings are not compromised, the agency Fena are conveyed from the Police Station Grahovo on the current situation of the area where it is already the fourth day of an active fire.

The cause of the fire from the cantonal MUP state human negligence in burning weeds at the local cemetery in Bosanski Grahovo that caused the fire in an area of ​​25 square kilometers where are these days eroded mentioned settlements and one abandoned house in the village Gorge burned.

The time now is threatened by high forest fire fighters defend machines and manpower while other places are arranged by members of the SBS, Ministry of Interior and local residents who volunteered to help in extinguishing the fire.

17:05 - Istria

Today around noon there was a fire on the mountain Ucka, the highest mountain of the Istrian peninsula in western Croatia, with which rises dense black smoke, and the fire is still off.

The fire swept through the area along the road to Lanisce, and the fire spread several hundred meters from the place, the hill, the location off-road for the gift on the road to Lanisce, the Jutarnji list daily.

In the action-fighting part of Opatija firefighters who now control the fire. The fire, which spread oak and beech forest, turn off the north and south sides, and were joined by firefighters and Rijeka.

16:45 - Korcula, Peljesac

Fires that broke out late Saturday afternoon on the island, where he burned about 500 hectares of forest and Monday night on Peljesac peninsula, where it burned more than 400 acres of land are still active and not controlled.

Deputy Dubrovnik-Neretva County Prefect Davorka Obuljen told the agency Hina on Tuesday that at several sites on the peninsula still blazing blaze.

He said they threatened Ponikve, Giannina, Dingac Borak, located on the slopes of the same name on the southern side of Peljesac, and Pijavičino and Trstenik where the fire subsides.

"Transmission is damaged, and the fire in that area does not allow any activities, and electricity has not yet been released," said Obuljen, saying the army came to the aid that goes to Korcula where they appeared new problems.

We note that the fires are not under control, but a lot of fire association there was help, for example, from Split, Zadar, Karlovac, and the army was deployed on the field.

Fire-affected areas on the Peljesac peninsula and the island of Korcula today will visit Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic, Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic and Defence Minister Ante Kotromanovic, who will meet with firefighters in Trstenik on the peninsula and then go to Smokvica on Korcula, announced the Government.

Planes and helicopters of Croatian Armed Forces took part in extinguishing the fire on the island of Korcula and the location Potomje on the Peljesac peninsula in Dubrovnik-Neretva County.

Air Force during the day at the fire supplement and exchanged for more efficient fire fighting and action in the most vulnerable hot spots, said Lt. Col. Goran Thomas' from the Operational Fire-fighting Command in Divulje coast.

A series of fires broke out in southern Dalmatia and in some parts of the country.

Fire at Smokvica, on the island, threatened homes. Firefighters are trying to defend the place, over which hangs thick smoke, reports the

"On the island of Korcula is total chaos", the index is said fire commander of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County Stephen Simovic.

According to estimates by Simovic, until this morning on the island of Korcula is affected by fire about 850 acres of pine forests, underbrush and low vegetation.

The situation on the peninsula is a lot better, a fire near the village is now under the control of a critical edge portions off Canadair water bombs, said the commander of the DVD Orebic Niksa leg.

"We are doing in support of which the wind bad," he added.

Defended facilities in Trstenik

On the peninsula are on Monday night broke out two fires, which burned more than 400 acres of land, while in Trstenik evacuated one cottage, confirmed on Tuesday the commander of the Fire Department of Dubrovnik coast, Ivo Franušić.

"Burning in the area of ​​Trstenik and near the village Ponikve and the fire is now moved to Ioannina. In Trstenik have evacuated people from one country houses, but now they are back. They were able to defend the facilities, no one was hurt," said Franušić.

The fire near Trstenik snapped around 21:00 hours. Some residents were forced last night to leave their homes because of the fire that broke out near the town of Pijavičino, according to Tanjug.

Another fire in the area of ​​Ponikve started to burn around 23:00. "These are two fires in the space of twenty kilometers," he said Franušić.

Fired area has nearly 400 hectares, and the field is about 150 firefighters, said Franušić adding that the Dubrovnik-Neretva County came all available forces and help them come out of the Split-Dalmatia County.

Forces on the ground to fight the blaze were joined by two Canadair planes and air-tractor.

A forest fire that swept peninsula has caused extensive damage to the transmission line Pijavičino-Giannina and are without electricity involves other areas of Orebic to Ioannina and the western part of the island, as well as some difficulties in telecommunications traffic.

The pine forest on fire Monday afternoon in a wide near Primosten, but after two hours of fighting, just as it arrived near the house, firefighters managed to put under control.

The fire at Grahovo endangered houses

In the area of ​​Grahovo but a week active large fire, and on Monday threatened villages Marinkovici and troughs, but the exceptional efforts of local residents, firefighters, employees Forestry Office and the Border Police have defended the house, reports Fena at the Directorate of Civil Protection Livno Canton.

At one point the situation seemed very critical, fire came only a few meters away from the family house in the trough, and gripped the old abandoned stone houses.

The Directorate of Civil Protection LK-and, according to the fire Monday evening moving towards the villages of Luke and Obljaj, but there are fears that threaten family homes and large areas of crops of grain on Pasic field.

Also, there is a fear that the fire spread to the forest areas and therefore the employees of the Forest Office Grahovo, cramps forest trails to prevent the possible spread of fire and facilitate its fire.

Rough terrain, water backpack

The fire in the area of ​​Grahovo off fifty people, and in addition to lack of manpower, the problem is the fact that Grahovo no fire brigade, and the tanks hauling water from neighboring municipalities.

A variety of raging fire in the municipality of Grahovo engulfed an area of ​​400 hectares and a population expected to assist the Armed Forces and the surrounding communities, Srna said Mayor Grahovo, Uros Makić.

"It is mostly low vegetation and very rough terrain, so it is difficult to deliver water to these places so that people have to carry on my back," said Makić.

According to him, the locals were able to put out the fire which last night had spread to the village of Luka. He expects them BiH Armed Forces available to provide the helicopter fought fires in Trebinje.

"We have requested help from neighboring municipalities to send us water trucks, and I hope that in the next few hours to get the necessary help in equipment and staff," said Makić.

Burn in Bijeljani and DOLUS

At Bileca, extinguished fires in areas Mirilović and novices, while still active in Bijeljani and recklessness, but not threatening populated areas, confirmed Srna elders Bileca Fire brigades Radomir COMING.

He says that, after reviewing the situation in the field, on Tuesday to operate a helicopter of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, if appropriate.

COMING adding that firefighters burning kontravatre try to prevent the spread of fire from recklessness to Bileca, noting that in Bijeljani difficult situation.

"We expect that the situation will get worse in the afternoon hours," says COMING.

In Herzegovina 18 fire

A number of fire engulfed the parts and Herzegovina.

In the area of ​​Herzegovina-Neretva Canton in the last 24 hours there were 18 fires - four in the Mostar area, eight in the field of Capljina and six in the area of ​​Citluk, announced the Operational Centre of Civil Protection National Theatre.

Hill above the hydroelectric power Salakovac near Mostar fourth day was on fire, but because of the enormous heat of the record in the Neretva river every now activated a new fire site, Anatolia news agency reports.

The commander of the professional fire units of the City of Mostar Peter Juric, said that the fire season this time of year in the area of ​​Mostar normal and adds that there is absolutely no reason to panic among the citizens.

Hill above Salakovac, although draws the attention of citizens who are in fear of the fire spreading to the Juric said, citizens should not be concerned, because it is constantly monitored and kept under control.

"The terrain is rugged and there is a danger of mines, and the fire going in the direction of the hill and threatened the surrounding areas," explained Juric.

During the morning, the Gorani above Mostar, thanks to the rapid intervention of firefighters timely stop the raging fire, before it threatened the whole village.

LJUBUŠKI firefighters on Monday addressed the help of Capljina, because the fire threatened homes in Studenci Fena.

Fire up this morning in Ljubuski was extinguished, but is under control, while the other fires extinguished.

The fire was mostly burned grass, low vegetation and waste, said in a statement.