ISIL determined positions on the border with Turkey

Al Jazeera has come into possession of recordings from the Syrian city Jarablus, which is controlled by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

The city is located near the border with Turkey, where members of the ISIL rapidly establishes the their positions.

One of the sources of Jarabulusa confirmed to Al Jazeera that members ISIL for several weeks digging underground tunnels and shelters.

The same source claims that the city delivered reinforcements from other parts of Syria after the Turkish military began air and artillery attacks on positions ISIL in that country.

Declared a military zone

Meanwhile, the governor of Kilis in southern Turkey has declared four areas in this area a military zone.
Areas bans are along the border with Syria.

The decision prohibits access to civilians, while the explanation states that was made in order to save the lives of civilians.

The decision takes effect today and will last for seven days.

Governor of Kilis and 23 July declared three areas of military zone and making it valid for five days.

Turkey on Wednesday signed a previously announced agreement with the United States, which the coalition forces led by the United States allows the use of Incirlik air base, near the Syrian border, said the Turkish foreign ministry.

Agreement on the use of the base, exclusively relating to the fight against groups ISIL and includes support from the air Kurdish fighters in northern Syria, Reuters reports.

The agreement previously reached between Presidents Barack Obama and Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Then it was announced that US troops will use the base in the east of Turkey to launch aircraft and drones in the fight against ISIL.