Commended the progress BiH, EU concerned by the decision of the RS Government

The first meeting of the Stabilisation and Association to the European Union was held in an atmosphere of yesterday's decision of the RS Government and RSNA's, which was interrupted cooperation with judicial and police institutions at the state level. While praising the progress made in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the last year, expressed concern at the yesterday's decision of the authorities in RS.

"Yesterday's decision of the RS Government to suspend cooperation with certain judicial and police agencies in BiH could jeopardize the functioning of the judiciary and law enforcement in the state," said EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini.

It points to the need to respect the rule of law throughout the country, and the Government was invited to maintain the cooperation and dialogue. Political will and determination of BH. Government to embark on the reforms that are to the benefit of all citizens strongly supported and pledged continued support in the future. Chairman of the Council of Ministers Denis Zvizdić thanked the European Union on a new approach which allowed BiH to return to the track of European integration.

"We continue to work on the implementation of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement and look forward to the new extended contracts, especially for IPA 2 funds by the EU, because we've finished all that was the task of BiH in terms of strategic plans and documents," said Zvizdić.

Priorities for the implementation of the reform agenda agreed upon, and time for disposal no obligation.

"We have agreed that they will work with our teams to go the next week. Much is unclear about the necessary reforms in the rule of law, public administration, and the protection of human and minority rights, "said Mogherini.

It was pointed out that the economic prosperity reflected close cooperation with Europe and expressed hope that it will continue to affect a better business environment and new investment. The trend of progress in Bosnia and Herzegovina is expected to continue, especially since we have a more difficult period which we expect only the implementation of the agreed.

"This is important, but also a prerequisite for submitting a credible application at the appropriate time. Appropriate for all, as it should be accepted as timely application, to enable our member countries to escort. I think we have to work on that, "said Johannes Hahn, Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and enlargement.

Bh. Delegation promised more intensive work because it expects bh. Citizens. The repeated that the beginning of the year to submit a credible application of EU membership to the view that the country has no other alternative but European.

Zvizdić: Application for EU membership we send for a month or two