Dragan Nikolic - charmer for all time

Today is his last role, imposed roll beat mortals to resist the transience of earthly cosmic forces, played by Dragan Nikolic Gaga.By Velimir IlicYou can never be prepared for the departure of nice people, no matter how your life send signals about the inevitability, like the pinball with the play of light and crazy sounds tumbling ball, and you know that the game will eventually be completed.I was afraid of the fact that one day I would write: "Today is my last role, imposed role of mortals helpless to resist the transience of earthly cosmic forces, played by Dragan Nikolic Gaga."

This day was - this morning. You expect fearing and hope to believers. And then zanemiš, as it is completely normal that after such knowledge five minutes you can not utter a single word.And I might go Dragan Nikolic, eternal snitch, charmer and magupa with Belgrade streets - although essentially private and reclusive and somewhat shy Vračarca and from Belgrade with the Red Cross - was only a sense of irreparable loss which I share with millions of people in the Balkan tavern.

It would probably be so circumstantial his life drama I started to feel personally, in the middle of an interview with Milena Dravić, with last year's FEST.Summing up his whole life - and acting and personal - Milena me then, in a voice whose spontaneity and sensitivity can not be extrapolated cameras microphones, much less written word, she said that she was most important to Gaga as soon as possible out of the hospital and recover so yes, "but it would most wanted resumed and completed his book, but also to continue shooting episodes per texts Slobo Stojanovic, that Saturday afternoon broadcast on television.""He tells them brilliant - to speak as colleagues, not as a wife," said Milena.

Something nice - so called this book Slobo Stojanovic, masterful narration Gage Nikolic was transformed into a miniature television that should be prescribed as a sedative drug and at this time the epidemic of immorality and ubiquitous tabloidisation life.The book accompanies the CD with recorded episodes, so I recommend that you use them whenever you want something nice. Because vibrations voice Dragan Nikolic and his acting maturity at the same time sound and healing and calming, nostalgic and encouraging.

I bought recently and the book itself, hoping that time I signed with his favorite tablespoon of honey with šarganskih hillside, which we are trying to strengthen his recovery from severe hospital days and doom treatment in Serbian hospitals. She remained unsigned.

scheduled bis

Many will now resort to retrospective Gagin role - from Jimmy Boats in the film When I'm Dead and Gone from the time of "black wave", Prleta from written off, Popeye from the Balkan Express or Floyd in the National class ... Do something nice to me, especially today day seems obligatory episodes of inevitability in which, after the curtain down, Dragan Nikolic will no longer appear "for an encore."The scheduled bis is one more reason that sometimes looked over his shoulder, to the past and a kind of breviary in which to stay indefinitely and nezborav last undertake all these replicas, gags, humor and unparalleled acting and personal charm that Dragan Nikolic forever indebted local meridians and not just acting.

After all, I do not know why people are always prone to legends like Gage Nikolic limited to "the Serbian and Yugoslav glumište" ?! For actors, musicians, artists actually do, beyond the border, the state and the nation, are timeless and belong to everyone whose emotions in any way touched.And if we acknowledge that the phrase "acting godsend", then Gaga seems God had a special contract, as put so many and such figures and role in a feature certainly is more than a gift and a talent - it has the power to actor suggestive wins audience, leaving no more no traffic possibilities for indifference.

It's all in life - a struggle

That was more than half a century, so it was printing her acting testament that leaves us with the legacy of all the roles and acting moments through which many of his colleagues, even if they had wanted and had the opportunity, they could not pass. Because it is not easy either character and emotions embody and magupe the Belgrade streets and rural dude, "a romantic seducer with civil or polugrađanskim pedigree, characters with dubious top and bottom of the undoubted social ..."I swear words are sounded different, something with more charm than vulgarity, when he spoke.

Rummaging through the more than 170 different film, television and family roles, seems to be the only one, and the infallibility of the closest, the conclusion of his career Dragan Nikolic fits in just one sentence, the director of the Yugoslav Cinematheque Raleta Zelenovic, "Dragan Nikolic was able to play all."A Dragan Nikolic can not be played by no one. I never.

From boyhood he pulled out a message that everything in life - the struggle."Fight. Do not give in. Why? And for whom?", He said in an interview.So - and going - won many who, with due respect for their acting career, will never be more alive and human and acting more dignified than the Dragan Nikolic today.