Poisoner CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Pilot forgot to turn off spraying chemtrails as he landed! The following citizens' complaints.

The pilot of a commercial airliner makes a big mistake that proves the existence of chemtrails a

When it landed just forgot to turn off "the system", and the chemtrails were visible at a negligible height above the runway, witnesses and took his camera and recorded the event.

This is the first empirical evidence that reinforces the claims of people, painted as "conspiracy theorists," who argued that the passenger aircraft used by the government in order to spray aerosols in the sky, without the knowledge or consent of the people over whom to happen, transmit conspiracyclub.co. With evidence like this, the public now has the legal standing to submit the complaint, and make use of subpoenas and compel discovery of evidence of dusting. The one minute video hit the video after the break.

Despite the fact that the plane slijetio by foggy weather, spraying chemtrails is no doubt; their existence can not be denied or hidden again. First and foremost, these tracks do not come from jet engines.

Second, the traces are not spraying water rises along the edges of the wings, because as the aircraft passes, trail spray coming from several places on the back of the wings, and it is undeniable that this is a steam or condensed water.Some will say that this is a system of expulsion of excess fuel during landings. Fuel jettisoning just before landing is very dangerous and risky to cause a fire, and non-organic, but would such a practice, the airline received a lot of complaints.

If the ejected fuel that is ejected at a much higher altitude, ii not just before landing.After the arrival of the video footage to the public, the citizens have announced raising of private lawsuits against the US government because now have hard evidence that chemtrails exist and that our companies are being poisoned.