Palästinenser in Gaza GEKENNZEICHNET 68th Jahrestag der israelischen Besatzung 'Nakba'

To mark the 68th anniversary of the Israeli occupation, the Palestinians called "nekbe" (Great Disaster), in Gaza held a mass protest walk on which Palestinians have condemned the continuation of Israeli occupation and the passivity of the international community towards the suffering of the Palestinian people.

At the invitation of the Committee of the Palestinian movement and the group is now in the Gaza Strip gathered several hundred Palestinians who were protesting in front of the UNESCO headquarters in the western part of Gaza.Similar rallies were held throughout Palestine.The meeting was attended by supporters of all Palestinian organizations, including Fatah and Hamas, the demonstrators carried banners with the messages "We'll be back, we're sure" and "Struggle and unity of the way back."

Fatah official Zekeriyya Al Aga said that today's meeting pkazuje that the Palestinians will never give up its right to return the occupied land.Pointing out the extremely difficult situation of Palestinian refugees in camps in Syria, Aga has urged the international community to help these people an equitable solution and keeps them still on the scene Syrian conflict.And representatives of Hamas Yusuf es Sherafi stressed that the right to return to the country from which they were expelled, and individual and collective right of the Palestinians.

"Since this law is not, nor can it give up. This right can be realized only armed struggle, "said Sherafi.Israel on 14 May 1948 occupied territories of Palestine and declared their independence, and the local Palestinian population is forced to emigrate. Palestinians since then May 15 is marked as "nekbe" (Great Disaster). Millions of Palestinians still live in refugee camps across the Middle East.