Dragan Mektic, "You can not worship in the parking lot '

Minister of Security of BiH, Dragan Mektic said today that "Salafis who do not wish to join the BiH Islamic Community (IZ BiH) will not allow the performance of prayer, adoration, in parking lots."

Mektic said that "from the media found out that some Salafis who refuse to join FROM BiH seeking evidence of authority to them confirming why are dangerous and that if they shut the place for prayer, worship in the parking lot.""I read that they are looking to offer them the evidence. We would be frivolous to do it. Who are they to them we deliver evidence? I guess they need to provide evidence that they are not extreme. If we get into a situation to be proved that they are the I say problematic, then we prove to the competent institutions, what they want and try to be that to themselves as partners for the state to negotiate with them?

This is not an option. I heard that worship in the parking lot, can not, this is not the place for it, it can not be, not their parking lot but it is a public area for traffic morotnih vehicles and out of the parking lot. After all, it was written where according to religious rules that can work in the parking lot can not, "said Mektic.