Germany and Poland victories opened appearance at the final of the European Championship, and now will be, as well as in qualifying, to fight for the first place of the group. In the qualification group Poland won ahead of his supporters in Warsaw, while Germany won in Frankfurt, a team Joachim Lowe at the end of the qualification ended with one point more than Polish.

In the opening match Germany's result-convincingly defeated the Ukraine, but the performance of the current world champion was far from ideal.

In Germany still has problems with infringement defender Hummels, so again the duo in front of Neuer should do Boateng and Mustafa. It is assumed that low will not make changes in the starting line-up although there is a possibility that the top attack puts an experienced goalscorer Mario Gomez.

Poland is to meet with Northern Ireland came in as the favorite, but Nawałka before the first match in the European Championship rightly warned that his players need patience. Northern Ireland has set a solid block and are well organized and defended, but early in the second half Milik he managed to shake their network for three valuable points Polish.

In a meeting with Northern Ireland's easier to hurt Polish goalkeeper Szczesny, a Polish medical team decided that it would not be able to play against Germany. It does not represent too big a problem for Nawałka since it has at its disposal and high-quality Fabianski, who is among the goalposts started qualifying match with Germany in Frankfurt. The big question is whether Nawałka and against Germany a chance from the first minute to give young Kapustka, but these are for the Polish selectors fresh concerns with regard to this effect to have very good players on the wings.