ONLY IN THE BALKANS: Bosnian pot in a Masonic lodge

Many years of inter-ethnic tensions in the Masonic lodge BiH escalated last night in the open physical confrontation and the mass brawl in a Masonic building in the village Radava, in addition Nahorevska streets of Sarajevo, which is then transferred to the area around the building where Masons meet

A source close to the Masonic fraternity in BiH said that the clash took place at the Annual Assembly of Grand Lodge of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and that is the result of a few injured "brothers" with sticks and stones smashed an expensive cars and definitive dissolution of the Masonic fraternity in BiH that is so, instead of tolerance and cosmopolitanism, demonstrate that BiH is "impossible and abnormal state".

According to sources, the main actors of the fight were Professor Dr. Izet Radja, a member of the BiH Olympic Committee, Professor Dr. Edib Delic and Dr. Adi Rifatbegović of Clinical Center Tuzla, senior officials of the SDA, on the one hand, on the other hand, the group of Serbs and Croats, in whose protection is stopped professor Dr. Edwin Dervišević from the University of Ljubljana, which was eventually pulled the thickest end."Who knows how it would be all over it after a few minutes did not show up insurance from neighboring villas Lars Gunnar Vigemarka, Head of EU Delegation in BiH, which is just a big reception for foreign diplomats in Bosnia," said a source.He noted that since the establishment of the Masonic society in BiH, 16 years ago, all the key positions in the BiH submit all these years performed Bosniaks.

Five lodge is located in the Federation - "Ivo Andric", "Lux Bosnia", "Veritas", "Light of the Balkans" and "Tuzla Europe", while in the Republic of Serbian is just one lodge - in Banja Luka, where more "than half of its members are Bosniaks from Bihac, Cazin, Kladusa and Sanski Most.

"In this way, even in the Republic of Serbian Serbs and Croats wanted to keep the Bosniac. Croats are completely marginalized, the Masonic fraternity were able to enter only those like Zeljko Komsic, who put themselves at the service of the realization of Bosniak interests, and of the 160 members of the Masonic fraternity at this time is only 12 Croats, 27 Serbs, and the rest are Bosniaks " says a source.When one takes into account the huge impact that the Freemasons are all significant developments in the world of business and politics, said the source, it is clear that the Grand Lodge of Bosnia and Herzegovina has become a powerful weapon to achieve political, economic and commercial objectives of the Bosniak policy.

"It is, among other things, a mirror and in the creation of the closest and most powerful connection with Masons of Turkey, and twining loggia of BiH with boxes from Turkey," he said.According to him, the first harbingers of ethnic divisions and irreconcilable differences began six years ago, when the leaders of the Grand Lodge of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo prevent the intention of Banja Luka to the newly formed Lodge of Freemasons in Banja Luka give the name of "Nikola Tesla".

No matter how the Doctor Aleksandar Lazarevic and Professor Dr. Nenad Babic from Banja Luka were persistent that lodge in Banja Luka being named after the world's greatest scientist Nikola Tesla, Bosniak Masons were overruled and lodge in Banja Luka received the impersonal name "Phoenix," said the source.

He adds that the problem open this occasion time increased, the Croats in the Masonic fraternity, too, began to demand their rights, at the Masonic leadership in Sarajevo, composed of Bosniaks and some of their minions from the ranks of Serbs and Croats, penalties and eliminating removed doctor Lazarevic and professor Babic, under threat of exclusion from the Masonic fraternity.

"In the same way is eliminated threats and blackmail one of the most prominent Freemasons in BiH Dr. Nedeljko Djukic, who, instead of three years before being elected Grand Master of the Freemasons of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was abruptly expelled from the brotherhood, because, in the opinion of the Freemasons from Sarajevo, allegedly too close scientific cooperation with academics in Serbia ".He said that the problems just piled up, and when after 16 years Serbs and Croats found the strength and courage to seek equality in fraternity, were given "a clear message to clubs and fists of 'his brothers' in Sarajevo in the form of a beating".

"This is the end of the Masonic experiment in BiH, which showed that no sound title members, not expensive suits and cars can not change the lack of culture and disrepair society in BiH, but at least I can change the inter-ethnic and inter-religious divisions, which are more than present and among those who swear by 'brother million whichever religion was''.Source "Roe" has learned that on all informed and Masonic lodges in Serbia and Croatia, but also in Austria and Slovenia, so we can expect the internationalization of the problem.