The accused cinematographer who whispered refugees

Prosecution in Hungary today filed charges against a videographer Peter Laszlo for kicking and tripping refugees who last year fled from police near the border with Serbia.

Laszlo was dismissed from work on Hungarian television N1, after the Internet was released footage which shows how shoots a minor and young men.Prosecution stated and as Laszlo has not kicked a man who was carrying a small child as it once claimed in the comments on the Internet.

'She tried to kick a father with a child'

"She tried to kick, but failed. The man who carried the child is still down ... One policeman was trying to catch and keep, and he lost his balance, "said the prosecution.These men, football coach Osama Abdul Mohsen, he went after the incident in Spain where one sports school offered him a job, reminds Reuters.Her trial comes on the eve of the referendum on 2 October in which the Hungarians should declare that it will accept quotas of the EU for the reception of refugees and migrants.

Prosecution in the indictment described how hundreds of refugees broke through a police cordon and headed down to Szeged, while Laszlo, which was located right behind the police, was shot to run."While filming, she kicked a young man in the shin with my right foot, and also kicked and a minor at the knees," the prosecutors said in a statement, quoted by Reuters.

It is not a hate crime because of racism

Prosecutors believe that there is no evidence that this was a hate crime because of racism.Laszlo last year told a Hungarian newspaper that he regrets what happened."I was practically in shock because of what I've done and what's been done to me. I'm not heartless racists. I'm a woman, a mother of young children, which is in a panic made a mistake and after that lost the job, "she said.