The battle for Kosovo: Serbia loses Kosovo Telecommunications!

Serbia must give up its telecommunications infrastructure in Kosovo. If this is not done by the end of this week, Brussels interrupted negotiations on Serbia's membership in the European Union

This is, in short, the result of negotiations of delegations of Serbia and Kosovo on Telecommunications, which is under the auspices of the EU water for months. This was confirmed by the head of the negotiating team of Serbia Marko Djuric, who yesterday said it was only the beginning of the process, and that would be followed by telecommunications, Serbia should give up the energy sector, and in the end all the state property that is owned in Kosovo.

Djuric said that if this happens, and if the Serbian authorities to accept, he said, the ultimatum to Brussels, he will no longer be a negotiator and will resign as director of the Office of the Government of Serbia for Kosovo.
That such a request came from Brussels to Belgrade, was confirmed by Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic."We will have in the next few days to reach a very difficult decision," said Vucic. He said that Serbia has in many areas ahead of some other countries, but that its EU membership conditional on relations with Kosovo, as well as stability in the region.

"Our people must know when it evaluated the tough decisions we have to make," said the Prime Minister of Serbia. At the same time with "ultimatuom" from Brussels, Serbia is given another severe blow to Kosovo. The Kosovo government yesterday adopted a law according to which the entire assets of the mining combine "Trepca" ownership of Kosovo.

He said Kosovo Prime Minister Isa Mustafa, over the ownership of "Trepca" non-negotiable. The government will soon Kosovo Assembly for adoption send a bill according to which the "Trepca" eighty percent owned by the state, and twenty percent of the owners of the employees. In "Trepca" currently employs about 3,000 people, and some of them yesterday protested against the decision of the Government of Kosovo, the Slobodna Bosna.