CHIEF CALLS ON WORKERS to kiss him every morning

The owner of a company from the Chinese capital, recently came under fire from the Chinese public after it was discovered that forcing their workers to kiss every morning when arriving at work. He claims that this ritual promotes corporate culture, as well as to improve relations between workers and bosses.

In fact, it is a company that sells machinery for the production of beer, and Nala in the district Tongzi, which represents a wider area of Beijing. Every morning between nine and 30.9 workers line up and kiss each boss, and then goes to work assignments. Apparently, it is about an innocent kiss, on the cheek, but is it enough and strange to cause a storm in the Chinese public, which condemned the move of the boss. As reported by the Chinese press, and while women are initially reluctant to this morning ritual carry out the work, were reportedly later gave in because they feared a possible cancellation.

Only two workers refused to meet the boss's request and kisses him on the same day have quit. Otherwise, more than half of the staff members of this company are women. Once faced with the wrath of the public, chief tried to explain the introduction of this strange morning ritual, explaining that this practice seen in an American company during a visit to the United States. He argues that this morning, "ceremony" helps to establish better relationships among colleagues, which is in his company, allegedly, already yielded results. He added that not only were its workers tied to him, but he is constantly sending messages when away on business.

Of course, needless to say, this explanation did not influence the millions of Chinese who are "drop down" the fire chief, because many can not accept this way of treating workers."How do these workers can not accept such a request? Do their husbands know about this practice," is just one of the comments on Chinese social networks. Another commentator, was even harsher. "I just want to ask this woman: Are you going to starve to death if you leave the humiliating job and save your honor?"

While most criticism directed boss, there are those who blame the workers who have accepted it. "True, the head of the perverse, but they are crazy as it accepted," wrote one Chinese Member.