ADMITTED TO WHICH THE SINGER decade was in love!

A prominent BiH. Singer Halid Muslimović is now happily married, and sometimes it was quite a colleague Dragana Mirkovic revealed details of the singer's childhood, and he himself admitted that one famous lady of his unfulfilled love.

Dragan said that sometimes the best women sighed for Halidom Muslimovićem."The strongest muscles are waiting for, and what the girls had ... but now has a beautiful wife and children. All in good time. He does not like to brag," said Mirkovic the show at Lee Kish.

Halid Muslimović revealed that a singer of his unfulfilled love.

"These are some of the things that's in my head. There were more women, and here Zlata Petrovic is my unfulfilled love," said Halid, a golden confirmed.