Adopted Draft Law on Infertility Treatment

18:11 Draft Law on Infertility Treatment biomedical assisted fertilization, the proponent Club of the SDP is supported by the majority of MPs.The Federal Health stated that the European Commission has submitted its proposals to the text of the law to correct. Federal Ministries is drafted repaired law.Damir Masic said that two years nothing has been done on the adoption of this law.

- We can not wait any longer, because at the moment is FBiH dark vilayet throughout Europe, because we have no legally regulated this field. A fifth of couples do not have the opportunity to naturally come to offspring, but they need biomedical assisted fertilization. We as a society should not let such a human thing is prilvelgija only elite because one procedure costs up to 8,000 hp.For those who are calling for religious particular elements wonder do we have the right to prohibit those who do not - Masic said.

The boss of this club Elvir Karajbić said he has a son and daughter, you got biomedical assisted opodnjom, and said that he knows the extent to which this area is not regulated.Prophet SBB Zlatko Kravić said that this law will lead to a rapid increase in the birth rate, but it is, nonetheless, support.

16:28 Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Health Insurance, the proponent of Alma Kratine (DF) has sparked heated discussion in which the prevailing accusations from opposition MPs and individual positions.Kratina is clarifying amendments to the Law, said that children between seven and 15 years of age whose parents immigrated indigent have no insurance, and that we should abolish this discriminatory provision.

- These children have no secured, because their parents who are in a bad social situation have no insurance - she said.After the president of the SDA, Ismet Osmanovic said that the Federal Ministry of Health is certainly preparing legal solution regarding this matter.

12:01 Head Club SBB Nasir Beganović asked the Minister of Justice FBiH Mate Jozic (HDZ) who was his motive to the Commission for parole appointed by the Minister of Internal Affairs of FBiH, Aljosa Campara (SDA).

- I was surprised to learn that the Ministry of Justice of the commission appointed by the Minister of Campari. Taking into account all the facts, when this case is concerned, I do not understand why it was done and I want the minister to explain how it could have come to this appointment. The situation is such that the Minister of Internal Affairs who should triggers the law and to fight crime, but in this case we come to a situation where one arrest, tomorrow decide who would be released from prison - said Beganović.

Head Club SBB asked whether Campara really the only lawyer or the only person in the Federal Ministry of Interior in which he could be appointed to the said commission, adding "do no other lawyer or an expert who was to be appointed."

- I wonder if the Minister of Justice who were his motives for appointing Campara on the panel. Whether it comes to maybe some tall? It is a precedent that should be all ashamed. Seeking the Minister manifested to Club SBB could take further action, whether to seek removal of one or both of the Minister, and especially due to the fact that the ministers brother prosecutor in the Prosecutor's Office (Durbavko Campara, author's note), but can only imagine what kind of a team that works on the principle of "prosecutor is accusing you, judge you on trial" - said Beganović.

11:33 The session of the House of Representatives of the Federal Parliament began this morning with deputies' questions.Letter to SBB Jasna Durakovic asked Federal Ministry of Health when the promise in relation to maternity benefits in the Federation or the adjustment of their amount and equal rights in all cantons.Prophet SDP Damir Masic asked the Federal Government why it has ordered its representative at the shareholders' meeting "BH Telecom" to reject the business plan and report on the work. Is BH Telecom, said Masic, operated illegally, and whether it operates against the interests of the Federal Government.

He also instructed the initiative of the government to suspend any further privatization activities of these and other companies, until a new privatization law, and the law on the general public good.Government has asked that the graying information regarding the findings of the federal auditor where it was found that some people are on more functions and to take the travel orders for more cities.