POLICE SEARCH FOR singer Marinko Rokvic

The singer of folk music Marinko Rokvic today was physically assaulted the boy and girl in the garage of the shopping center in Belgrade.Until the conflict is due to parking spaces, and the police immediately went in search of the singer, according to media reports in Serbia.Girl B. D. kept the place in the garage when he encountered Rokvić. According to eyewitnesses, the girl put her hand on the hood to prevent the singer to park, and he is therefore several times on his head and face.

At that moment, her boyfriend came to him and there was a fight. Marinko was punched in the head by his boyfriend IA and broke his arcade.After the incident, the guy called the police, during which time the popular singer and his wife walked by the Belgrade boutiques.Police were called to return, and then Marinko duly given an identity card, and he made the record.

After that, he went back to shopping.