JUNCKER: British will pay a high ACCOUNT FOR EXIT FROM EU

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said today that the United Kingdom to pay the high bill out of the European Union, reports the Anadolu Agency (AA).Juncker today addressed the members of the Belgian Parliament and on this occasion said that the EU faces a number of crises after the decision Brexitu and after the election of US President Donald Trump.

- Negotiations on leaving the UK from the European Union should start in March and last for two years. However, it will take years to agree on all the details of future relations - said Juncker.Pointing out that the British should and must know that they will not get any discounts or delete debts, Juncker said that the British must respect the commitments and added that they will get an account with a large amount.Majority of votes in last year's referendum, the British had decided to leave the European Union. Prime Minister of the country Theresa May announced that the official negotiations on the process begin by the end of March this year.