ZDK - for driving under the influence of alcohol 41 PERSONS RETAINED TO sobering

Officers of the Police of the Ministry of the Interior ZDK are, in the context of greater activity in the control of the driver and the vehicle, in the period from February 15 to March 9 due to non-compliance with the provisions of the basics of traffic safety on the roads in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the official premises to maintain sobriety 41 people .

For those persons determined to be managed by motor vehicles under the influence of alcohol, which are sanctioned, and they were delivered and retention measures to sobering up in accordance with the Law on basics of traffic safety, Fena.

From the Administration Police and the Zenica-Doboj Canton announced that police officers in the future to continue with these activities, and other targeted activities that are a result of specific analysis and assessment, in order to traffic safety on all roads in the canton raised to as many level, and the perpetrators of traffic violations sanctioned.