Angela Merkel: the United States and Great Britain are once again the enemies of Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned citizens that the United States and Britain are once again Germans' enemies in a reminder of Nazi Germany.

Speaking at a pre-election rally in Munich on Sunday, Merkel said the European Union, led by Germany, would no longer have to count on the United States and Britain as its "allies" and warned that the EU "must take its destiny into its own hands." Germany tried to take over the world once and almost succeeded during the First World War. They tried again ten years later during the Second World War; In which they almost erased the entire race of people. It seems to build plans and to try for the third time.

"The times in which we are completely dependent on others no longer exist. I have experienced this in the last few days, "Merkel told the German people. wrote that Merkel said that Germany and France, as the two dominant powers in the EU, have to look for better relations as a compensation for the lack of commitment shown by the United States and the UK. "We Europeans really have to take their destiny into their hands," Merkel said, adding "we have to fight for our own destiny".

The comments followed the day after Merkel expressed dissatisfaction over the way Trump tackled the climate change debate at the G7 Summit. All the other six members of the group have confirmed that the climate agreement reached in Paris 2015 will be maintained, but Trump said he would post his stand on the issue next week. Merkel said after the meeting that "the climate debate was very difficult, not to say very unsatisfactory."

During his presidential campaign, Trump promised to re-examine the American pledge from the Climate Treaty in Paris, saying the deal, which is marked as a Chinese fraud, would seriously hurt workplaces within the United States, and would strongly favor countries like China. Trump and European governments also collided with other issues, including Trump's criticism that NATO allies on several occasions failed to meet their 2-percent debt to NATO's debt.