Drivers, attention: GP Doljani is waiting for two hours

In most parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina today it is transported on a dry and locally wet road, with occasionally increased traffic of vehicles.

By 13.30 hours, the occasional half-hour traffic stops on the main road M-6 Stolac-Ljubinje.

Due to works on the regular maintenance of the Jelašje tunnel on the main road M-17 Konjic-Jablanica, today from 08.00 to 17.00 hours the vehicles will be transported slowly, with one tape. At the GP Doljani at the exit from BiH, it is waiting for about two hours, and at the entrance for about 30 minutes. At GP Ivanica, there are no longer longer stops at the exit from BiH, but at the entrance to Croatia it is waiting for about two hours. At other border crossings, retention is not longer than 30 minutes now, IC BIHAMC said.