People enjoying bitter coffee often have black thoughts

People who enjoy bitter coffee often have black thoughts, media reports.

It does not necessarily mean that these people have the tendencies of psychopaths, but they share a great love with many men and women who have shown a tendency toward 'everyday sadism', according to a new study published in the Appetite Journal. A study from Innsbruck University in Austria examined nearly 1,000 people, and it turned out that people with psychopathic traits have the habit of consuming bitter drinks like black, unguarded coffee.

Psychopaths are often intelligent, seemingly calm and excellently subjected to stress, but they lack empathy, they are not interested in the society in which they live and do not mind them if someone suffers, perhaps even their guilt.

An exhaustive study attempted to connect flavors with the feelings of the respondents, so each person had to indicate in which coffee he enjoyed most, and then respond to a series of questions that indicate whether he is able to torture others, whether he is prone to manipulation and blackmail, and whether he is amused when others are suffering.

The results showed that those who love bitter black coffee often have evil intentions towards other people than those who drink coffee with milk, coffee without caffeine or, for example, cappuccino.
Some previous research has also shown that people with psychopathic qualities adore gin tonic, dark chocolate and citrus fruits that combine bitter tastes with people who are cold or malicious.
On the other hand, the 2011 survey showed that those who have good intentions towards other people more often enjoy sweet tastes.